Saturday, November 14, 2015

Busy bodies.

Busy day today. Remember when I didn't have a car and could only do, like, one thing per morning because walking to and fro took up half the time? Anyway. We had a couple of things to pick up at the farmer's market this morning, and a treat to eat

and then some library books to return, and obviously we stayed for story time. Eleanor is getting VERY GOOD at being picked to volunteer, because she hold her hand up so high and sits so still and looks so earnest. She was the middle Billy Goat Gruff, which gave me all kinds of feelings because she is my tiny baby, what is happening.

Geneva was hella stoked to see Eleanor up on stage.

And then we stopped by the mall real quick OH HEY LOOK SOME PRINCESSES.

Gonna hugggggg them, gonna chatttttt with them.

Gonna take a quick picccccture with them.

Dinovember is still going strong over here. Today the dinos were wearing dino puppets.

'Oh, hello Mr Triceratops, I am a meat eater with sharp teeth, but I cannot eat you because of all your horns and your bony frill.'


Never change, kidlets.

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blackbird said...

Eleanor's earnest smile face. Kills it.