Sunday, November 08, 2015


Is a thing that is happening. November is long and full of terrors (and horrible raw sleety days) and we can't set up for Christmas yet or I'll be sick of it by the time it gets here, so the dinos have stepped in to fill the gap.

Eleanor is so into it. Every day, when she goes down for her nap, she says, I wonder what the dinos will be doing when I wake up? And I'm like, I wonder! And she says, You will know, though, because you will be awake while they are doing it! And I say, that is true.

I'm no What The Dinosaurs Did Last Night. We are very low-key dinocelebrators, and I don't believe in making more mess for myself. There's been a lot of, like, the dinosaurs are eating her snack.

Or the stegosaurus is like, Paint me like one of your French dinosaurs.

And then Eleanor eats the snack, or paints the dinosaur.

It's pretty festive.

Today I buried all the tiny dinos in a paste made of baking soda and water, and then she 'excavated' them with a paintbrush, and a dropper full of vinegar.

And then she spent close to an hour just moving the globs of baking soda from bowl to bowl, dancing her dinosaurs around in 'the snow' and then sending them to 'the pool' to wash off.

Geneva's contribution to dinovember is learning to say 'BIIIITE' and then making dinosaurs bite you all the time.

I ain't even mad.

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kt said...

I need to send dinos in the mail to my girlie. That will be more fun than the peanut butter cookies and warm socks (both requested) that I just posted.