Thursday, November 26, 2015

Home again, home again.

We went away! We came home! Traveling on two planes by myself with two children is a thing! TO BE FAIR, they spend a lot of time doing this:

And Eleanor is just, like, a plane-taking champion. She's so bookish! And can sit still for so long! Geneva is still a wild card, plane-wise. We had over an hour layover between flights this time, so we stopped for pizza (Eleanor tried to talk me into buying her a burger but the last TWO TIMES I have bought her a burger, she hasn't eaten even half of it, so I bought her a piece of pizza instead. She took a bite and was like, Oh yes, this is good. When I am hangry I don't know what I want, but I actually wanted pizza).

Geneva is still like, How do I pizza.

Izzis right?

Geneva didn't nap on either flight, but just ptfo while we were waiting for our bags.

Dammit, Geneva.

EASILY the hardest part of traveling alone with two kids is getting all your bags and your two car seats and then your two children into a taxi. I cranked Geneva's head on the door of the cab while I was trying to put Eleanor in her car seat, BUT WHATEVER SHE HAD TO WAKE UP ANYWAY BECAUSE YOU CANNOT JUST WEAR A BABY ON YOUR BACK WHILE IN A MOVING VEHICLE.

Then we got home and Eleanor re-read all her plane books and Geneva ran around the house carrying armloads of toys she'd forgotten she had, and I unpacked.

I say right now that I'm never making that trip again, that I'm staying put in Saskatoon until it's time to move, but talk to me again in March when I'm cold and depressed and BC has daffodils.


blackbird said...

Welcome home!
Happy American Thanksgiving!

trish said...

Being able to sit still? My models didn't come with that feature. Actually, that's not true. One came with the probable ability to sit still, but since the older AND MORE MOBILE one can't sit still, it kind of doesn't matter if the younger one can sit still or not.