Friday, November 13, 2015

Tea partying

We've been drinking this turmeric ginger spice tea we get from the farmers market, and Geneva will straight up MURDER you for it (you can't even say the word 'tea' around her anymore) and she will even let me hold the cup for her, she wants it that bad. 

But when it gets down to the last little bit, I let her hold the cup but she hasn't figured out the bit about tipping it up? So she's there with her face in it, going 'ahm nahm nahm' and becoming frantic because she can't get the last little buy into her mouth. 

So I'm trying to coach her along, I'm like, Put your mouth in it and then put your chin up. And she's all, Like this?

And I'm like, No! Mouth in, chin up. 

Am I doing it?

I'm doing it. 


blackbird said...

Sounds spicy...why am I not surprised?

Lois said...

<3 Chai is my 'tea' of choice. How many 'chais' are there? Soooooo many. I remember. as kids in Swift Current, when our family was invited to the home of a treasured memory person. I was, at this particular home, allowed to partake of tea. It was a special, significant taste event. Now, I know it was the sugar and cream that bound me to the flavour. But, at that time, (grade 4), I was 'flavour-addicted'. It still makes me smile to recall it. I adore innocent addictions.