Friday, November 27, 2015

We get more Christmasses this way.

Nothing makes you feel festive like walking into somebody's fully-decorated house. We did Early Pretend Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's again this year (Eleanor has been playing 'pretend early pretend Christmas' for like a month) and it was amazing.

We opened stockings basically the instant we walked through the door, to fend off an entire morning of the kids asking when we were going to open stockings.

Geneva was completely flummoxed. Like, this is a lot of people and now a lot of toys are happening. I think her brain shut off for a bit.

But then there was this wind-up nutcracker that sang Jingle Bells.

The brightest side of opening stockings first was that the girls all got matching jammies.

No one has ever cheesed so hard in their life. This one is the framer, obviously.

This one is probably the best, though.

Christmas morning makes you so tired.

And so hungry.

The weather in the afternoon was beautiful.

My sister-in-law brought her Bogey-dog

who Geneva spent like a third of her time an exact two feet away from.

Just checking him out.

Just watching him Bogey.

We were up the next morning, hideously early (as is our time-zoned custom)

but then the reinforcements came and I got to have a nap BEFORE 7AM it was amazing.

The weather was drearier

(Geneva your face is killing me these days)

so we went to the garden center to watch the train.

and thence to the library for...library things.

We had to scamper after naps because we had a dinner date. SUCCESSFUL EARLY PRETEND CHRISTMAS ALL ROUND.


Amanda said...

Those pajamas came from superstore, right? My Eleanor is wearing the same ones right this very second. :)

dlgowan said...

I don't know how you do it. I'm exhausted just reading that!

Pam (Isabelle) said...

I do enjoy reading your blog; you write so well. I also admire all the things you do with your children; they're having a wonderful childhood. I'm now a granny but it seems no time since my three were tiny - as everyone says, the time slips by and is gone.