Sunday, November 29, 2015

Festival of Trees

So, we went to the library yesterday morning for librarying, and because Saturday is the only story time we can make it to these days, and overheard one of the librarians saying, What? Surely that's wrong, surely today isn't the last day of the Festival of Trees. And I said, What? Surely. Let's check.

So we checked! And it was! And Joel was still gone! And our morning was already used up! We had to go after naps! Driving across town while the sun set, in the snow (which it will take me at least another week to get over being terrified driving in. It's so slippery!). I missed my turn in the part of the highway where it is death to miss one's turn, where you end up going 10 minutes out of your way and driving past the landfill.

But we made it. And we loved it. Eleanor is the exact right age to appreciate the horrifying animatronics, and Geneva loves any and all animals. 'MAMOLLS!'

We had to go back and check out the gingerbread house station like five times.

The Winterkins Playground is my favorite.

Geneva is SO HEAVY TO HOLD, but so little and unreliable, so you can't just let her wander around in a last-day-of-a-festival crowd. My one arm is so beefy. We drove home in the dark and I was so brave and it was all worth it.


blackbird said...

You are very brave to take two littles to the Festival Of Anything alone, in the dark, at the end of the day, in the snow.
I never had two littles at the same time and am proud to know you. You have taught them to be joyous.

kt said...

I second what bb said there.