Thursday, November 12, 2015


Geneva Wren! Let us discuss her, for it is her half-birthday. Geneva is a bird of much affection. Her great loves are moving furniture! This chair would look better in the pool

This chair

needs to be

in the hallway.

As well as carrying around many objects at once!

Or putting many objects into a container and carrying or pushing that container around!

Lying down on stuff or in places! Gonna lie down here

or also here

or here

here is good

or maybe here what are we up to here?

Obviously, Eleanor remains her greatest of all great loves.

She is a mover and a shaker. And a woman of very few words until maybe two months ago? Now she will repeat whatever you say, and has a host of words, courtesy of Halloween (Dhost! OooooooOOOOOOooooo.) and a Starbucks mug (Muhmaid! Muhmaaaaaaid!)

She remains a woman of very few teeth.

She has cottoned on to having to go for a nap right after lunch, so whenever she's being taken down from her chair (from whatever meal) she starts asking frantically to be allowed play. Playyyy. Plaaaaaaaayyyyyy. And two-thirds of the time, it's either breakfast or dinner so she CAN play, which leads her to believe she is effecting change by begging. Oh well.

Joel was working tonight, so I took the littles out for onion rings. Geneva's desire to dip her food into things remains unquenchable.

Happy half-birthday, little Wren! You become more human-like every day.


kt said...

That last shot captures my new fashion guru.

blackbird said...

How much do I love her?