Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Most people, when they go to Mexico, can´t stop pooping.

I had my first poop as a married woman a few hours ago.

We´re at an all inclusive resort in Puerto Nueva, or Nueva Vallarta, or something near Puerto Vallarta, but with ´Nuevo´instead of one of those words (Joel says it´s NV). We´ve been lying around, eating and drinking and not wearing watches, and never knowing what time it is. Since there´s only half an hour in the day where you can´t get something to eat, and only about eight seconds where you can´t get a drink, this hasn´t yet presented a problem.

We´ve also spent a fair bit of time laughing at those people, you know the ones who can´t sunscreen themselves properly and end up with white handprints on burnt flesh, tiger stripes, and singy agony. Today, we became those people. It seems that 5 hours of sun, in the middle of the day, WILL in fact break through your paltry spf 15 defenses.

No internet in resort, this will probably be my only blog. See you when I get back.

Joel would like to add that he has had four kinds of meat for every meal thus far.


Anonymous said...

Bring me home a burrito.

Robyn Bishop said...

oooh, I want a burrito too.
Also, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

bring me home a cabana boy! um, I mean, bring me home a burrito too.