Friday, April 13, 2007

Under the Aquarium Lid

Joel never lets me name any of his fish, even though;

A. I have awesome names for fish. Like, a while ago, before we realized what a trial salt-water concoctions are, we were talking about him getting a puffer fish, and I thought 'The Hindenburg' was a wikked name. He also had two of those fish, the ones that suck all the other fishes' waste products from the walls and that look like tiny eel-sharks, and I wanted to call them Flotsam and Jetsam. He ended up naming them...something else.

B. Everything he's ever named has died (except for Yuppy, the current guppy, but he hasn't been around long enough to count, and besides, Joel will probably forget to ask someone to feed him while we're on our honeymoon, and he'll be done for) and the one 'fish' that I named (Ninja, the snail. ROCK ON, NINJA! TAKE NO PRISONERS!) is still alive and well after more than a year. Joel wants to get rid of him because he (allegedly) poops too much. I think he's being eaten up by the knowledge that all of his slippery creatures will die untimely deaths until he lets me get a seahorse and name it Seabiscuit. I thought of that one just now. See? I'm awesome.


Robyn Bishop said...

Ha cha cha.. the hindenburg is an awesome name for a fish! I feel that with such things as fish who really can't respond or know their own names SHOULD be called ridiculous and clever things. You can't go naming your dog 'the hindenburg' because it would be scarred for life... but a fish! Hoo boy, now there's an animal that you can name anything!
At least your man will let you have pets... Ryan wont let me get ANY!!!! What a jerk :)

Anonymous said...

A. Ninja is not a fish
B. Yuppie will live forever. He is a tank
C. My tank has more poop then fish