Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fly safe

Yesterday, Joel and I took a homework break to watch 'Alive,' that movie about the rugby team that crashes in the Andes and ends up eating their dead teammates. You know the one. A very young Ethan Hawke is in it.

Anyway, there's this one sweet older couple (older as in '...than the early-twenties rugby players') and they're always cradling each other and looking to each other for support and whatall, and then there's an avalanche and the woman dies and the man is heartbroken. At this point, Joel turns to me and says, 'If I'm ever plane-crashed into the Andes, I hope you're not there.' He paused, and I waited for something along the lines of how he would want to know that I was home safe, or that he wouldn't want me to suffer like that, or how at least then someone would be able to care for our children, or something, but no. 'You're an icicle,' he says. 'You would forever be putting your cold feet on me.'


Gwen said...

Guys know just what to say, huh?

Anonymous said...

Well, if I'm ever in a plane crash in the Andes, I hope you ARE there.

Because I, obviously, love you more than Joel.