Friday, November 30, 2007

It's over!!!!

Well folks, it's November 30th and you know what that means...I don't have to post tomorrow! Nablopomo is officially over at midnight tonight, and then I can post whenever I damn well please. Not that I don't love filling you in on my business, internets, but November is the least-interesting of months. For reals.

Since I ran out of funny stories (on, like, the 3rd), I've resorted to talking about my hair, my classes, my produce purchases, my obsession with smarmy fictional opponents, my computer, a movie I watched, my computer again, my produce purchases again (?), my boots, my eating habits, the weather, and my sister in various capacities, including her longness of hair and her general uselessness.

Alls that to say that I have two papers to write and four finals to study for, so you might not be hearing from me for a few days. That's a lie. I'm totally playing fake-mommy (i.e. babysitting) tomorrow, and I'm definitely going to tell you all about it. And then I'm going to post the kickass paper I'm writing on Frankenstein. Freaky business, people.

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Jacki said...

I had two things I wanted to tell you, however I only remember one.

So I wore my bridesmaid dress to work today. I wore it with this great dark green sweater over top, and my knee high boots. I was hot. I thought you should know.

You'll be able to wear mine when you are pregnant. Not the giant belly swollen ankles portion of your pregnancy. Just at the beginning when you have that glow... and the really big boobs for 'no reason'. Then the dress will stay up :P