Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A quick sum-up.

I know, right? November ends, and I think I can just fade off the blogging map. I actually meant to blog yesterday, for reals and all, but then I had to sleep in a little bit because I set my alarm but forgot to turn it on, and then I had to go to the gym because I can't stop eating these cookie-squares, and then my mom came all the way out from Burnaby to drive me six blocks to the Walmart, and then I had to make some cookies for a potluck, and then I had a study-date with Joel because we both have exams tomorrow, and then I had to go to my potluck and eat my cookies, and then I had to go to bed. So you see? I tried to fit you in, but it's been a madhouse.

Ok, since we last talked:

I've written three exams and a paper.

I've done a fair bit of unnecessary sobbing. I went into Burnaby on Friday to fete my sister (she is now illustriously 23), and she, Darren and I ended up watching an Extreme Makeover Home Edition marathon, with its cancer-children, and its community-minded single black women from the projects whose life-long-dream-homes in somewhere-not-the-projects get flooded and then burnt down and then looted, and Ty's perpetual look of concern (note: you can count how many deserving families Ty has held while they weep by counting his empathy-wrinkles). Also, a friend from school sent me this link. If this Italian-Scottish man-child gently lisping the lyrics 'Grant my last request, just let me hold you' doesn't bring a tear to your eye, then you either have a heart of stone, or you haven't got raging PMS.

I've been uber-crafting. I'm not scrap-booky, but a number of my friends are, and I can Christmas-bake any one of you into the ground (and I don't even have grandkids yet!). So we had a cookie-swap/card-making party, and I swapped three dozen of my best ginger snaps (recipe courtesy of one Marla Bishop) for three dozen other things, including these amazing chocolate-and-skor-bits-sitting-in-a-sugary-paste-spread-on-a-buttery-crust squares that I couldn't stop eating. I was going to post photos of both the cookie collection and the cards, but blogger is doing something...funny...and I can't. So imagine. And if I ever do post the picture of the cards, I won't tell you which design is mine, but it'll be the one with 'holidays' spelled wrong.

I spilled a good-sized splash of coffee on my crotch within the first five minutes of my chem final. The girl next to me just laughed and laughed...

Other than that, I've mostly just been sitting around in my robe, hunched over my textbooks and drinking endless cups of re-used-grounds coffee while my skin turns slowly grey. I have my last exam tomorrow, and my biggest fear is that there'll be a huge snowfall tonight and my exam will get pushed back a day or two, because I'm so psyched to be totally-and-completely done by tomorrow at 5:00.

That's all. Sorry for the long break. I did, to my credit, post on my bookblog during my real-blog haitus. OH YEAH! Speaking of my bookblog, I'm all the rage in Romania. I know you can't read that post, because it's in Romanian, but in short, this blogger (whose gender I haven't been able to determine) is all like 'Should I finish reading Gilead? I mean, it's really boring. Here's a link to another person who thought it was boring [that's where it links to my bookblog], so I think I wont finish it. Probably it'll be boring.' I know. Now I'm famous. AND I got, like, five extra hits on my bookblog that day. Awesome.

Take care, kids. Enjoy your intermittent snows!


Anonymous said...

WhiteNoise is a girl...and that's a very accurate translation =)) Actually, that's how I got to read your blog, and now it's in my "favorites" list, so you got a bit more than a couple of extra hits ;)

Rebekah said...

i watched that baby-faced dark-haired uk-ish-sounding boy and man what a heart throb. But nothing like a music video to take away from a great live song. sheesh.