Friday, April 10, 2009

How to make elaborate treats!

How to make excessively elaborate Easter treats, by Robyn and Rachel.
Set aside entire afternoon. You will need it.
Don stylish reversible apron.

Or stylish eyesore.

Cream together half a cup each of the following things: margarine, peanut butter, white sugar, brown sugar. Toss in an egg. Also, half a teaspoon vanilla, one and a quarter cups flour, three-quarters teaspoon baking soda, and a half-teaspoon salt. Mash together but good, throw in fridge until later.
Toss coconut into oven. Crank oven up to arbitrary heat, because you think you know what you're doing. Turn away for a split second too long. Remove burnt coconut from oven.

Doff aprons, run to store to pick up more coconut. Toast properly this time (at, like, 275, checking and stirring every few minutes).

Pull peanut butter dough out of fridge. Roll into balls, toss in greased mini muffin tins.

Bake at 325 for 16 mins. Take out and IMMEDIATELY squish down with measuring spoon or melon baller or something suitably round-backed, to make delicious cookie cups. Let cool five more minutes, then pop out of pans.

Take deep breath and prepare to be freaked out. Throw a cup of butter, a half cup of corn syrup (corn oil won't do), two cups of brown sugar and a teaspoon of salt into a pot. Bring to a boil, stirring.

STOP STIRRING! Allow to boil WITHOUT STIRRING for five minutes. This will go against any basic kitchen instinct that you have. You will have minor heart palpitations. You will hope that you can still salvage the pot after you get THIS MESS out of it.

Realize that nothing bad has happened, sigh of relief prematurely. Remove caramel from heat. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a half teaspoon of baking soda. Let out a little screamlet because you forgot that this causes fizzing. Stir to combine.
Set up an assembly line of your cookie cups, caramel, and coconut (only dip out a bit of caramel at a time, as it will cool within MINUTES and this will take you a lot longer than minutes).
Dip rim of cup in caramel, then in coconut. Poof! A nest.
Fill nest with caramel, add mini-eggs (the micro-mini eggs work particularly well).
Stand back and observe your opus.
Look smug, and then share, because you will have MANY of them.


trish said...

Your tongue's kinda freaky.

BUT THOSE NESTS! So cute. I think a little squeak came out when I saw them.

Shari said...

Oh my goodness, those little nests look so cute and yummy! Love it!

Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm coming over.

Jacki said...

So, I made them yesterday. And they are so yummy! But I skipped the caramel and used melted milk chocolate instead. Mmmmmm. Don't worry I told everyone you are the creative one... not me :P