Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I am a mcseamstress!

Friends! It is June! When did that happen?

Joel has been locked in a windowless room for the past few weeks with nothing to keep him company but THIS:

Those are his notes from one block. He has eight (ish?) more like it. I will never be a doctor.

As for me, I mostly sit on the deck. I sit on the deck and read Victorian novels. I sit on the deck and brush up on my espanish. I sit on the deck and I fix shirts. Remember that shirt that I bought three of that one time? In black and blue and this orangey-red that looks good with literally all of my skirts? Because they was on the cheap? Turns out the reason they were selling 3-for-$15 was because the back was too open and the sleeves didn't stay up, making me look like a slutty milk maid. (poorly-framed auto-timer photos to follow)

This...is not a good look for me.

Fortunately, they have these ghey little straps that are supposed to...tie around your waist? Loop over your neck? H'whatever, they have them.

Un- and re-attached, the straps make excellent back-straps. Hey presto, the shirt works!

So now instead of three shirts I regret buying, I have three shirts that I will wear all the time because you can't see it, but those three buttony-looking things down the cleave, those are jewels, and I love a good bedazzlement.


Also, sorry I uploaded the photos so small. It's so hot, and my brains are melty.


Anonymous said...

You are a Ba-Genius!


Lisa said...


You're right, slutty milk maid is not a good look, but I think it's not a good look for anyone, except maybe actual slutty milk maids.

smallbyrd said...