Saturday, July 03, 2010

A diary of treats

After three weeks of meat and meat-based products in Terrace, I wanted to eat nothing but rubbish and produce.  So for the ride home Tina packed us some snacks, and I stopped by Liquidation World for a selection of off-batch treats.  Like Cheecha Krackles.

The were not...I have eaten worse things.  8:00 am - Leave Terrace.  9:00 am - bust open Cheecha Krackles.

10:30 - Reese Peanut Butter Crunch bar, which is not exactly off-batch but which is a Thing I Have Not Eaten and Which Is Cheap At the LW.

11:30 - feeling pleasantly rubbishy in the stomach, decide to break out some of Tina's snacks.  Tina has a habit of packing off-batch vegetables, and these cucumbers look the worse for wear.

eat an apple instead, regret choice of jean shpants.  It is hot on my side of the car.

1:30 - flagging a bit, have just passed through Prince George.  Break out some Master Cafe to perk up the early afternoon.

2:30 - change into shorts (finally).  Feeling the need for sustainance, pull out cheese-and-pepperoni combo.  Is that cheese moldy?

Nay!  It is jalapenized.  Potentially delicious, definitely tastes like Liquidation World.

4:00 - still so far from home.  Pull out some of Tina's muffins for the stretch.  They taste like Health.

6:00 - sad-looking giant Twix bar.  It is hella hot in the car.  Sorry, little Twix.

7:30 - egads this is a long drive.  Also, straight-up bar of nougat?  Delicious.

9:00 - pull into Chilliwack, have enormous salad with perfectly reasonable amount of meat.

10:00 - leave Chilliwack for Burnaby.

10:30 - get stuck in traffic.  Have been in car for 13 1/2 hours, feel pranked by the Universe.

11:45 - roll into Burnaby and straight into bed.

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