Tuesday, July 06, 2010

In which driving has its drawbacks

I am the most independent thing that ever went to the doctor.  Yesterday I drove myself to the GP, which takes a third of the time that bussing-and-then-walking-or-waiting-for-the-irregular-and-infrequent-6C-bus, and then today I drove myself to the optholomologologist to see what was wrong with my wretched, blood-shot eyes (answer: Who knows!?  Sure not him!  Take some eye-drop samples.) but to do his eyeball-looking he had to dilate my pupils, leaving me with enormous, moon-baby eyes.

Guys, moon-baby eyes SHUT when they are in the sun.  You CANNOT DRIVE with your moon-baby eyes shut.  You have to walk around the mall in sunglasses, keeping clear of large windows (which, it's a mall.  It is made of large windows) for HOURS.  Also, you cannot buy anything because they also numbed your corneas (so they could POKE THEM [!!!]) and you're having trouble getting your eyes to work in partners so you can see what you're not buying.  Also, you cannot read.

I didn't have my camera handy (alas) so I can't share the moon-baby eyes with you, only the coming-down-from-the-moon-baby eyes (i.e. once I could drive).  They are still having trouble playing nicely together..

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