Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Six weeks and counting.

When I get my body back (and not, like, my sexy body, but the body of which I am the sole inhabitant) I will:

- drink a beer
- dye my hair
- do a sit-up
- eat all manner of dubious street-meats
- and what else?


Anna said...

-put on socks and buckle or lace up shoes just for fun
-drink another beer
-gobble soft cheeses
-take any medication you want when you have a cold
-try to push your hand through your stomach to feel your spine
(immediately after giving birth before those pesky organs can get in the way again)
-realize your body is still not really yours and never will be again :)

blackbird said...

Smoke a cigar.

Anonymous said...

Sleep on your stomach.

Lisa said...

Roll over without assistance.

Wendy R said...

We've always been told if you have trouble getting your milk in drink a beer. It works!