Monday, December 30, 2013

And then actual Christmas.

Christmas morning, I took Eleanor's oatmeal in to her room

because I knew that once she saw this

all breakfast bets would be off. Joel and I have socks under that tree. Everything else is Eleanor's.

Joel and I each got each other half a trip to Mexico for Christmas, and new wedding rings both smaller and less expensive than the originals and the falling-off of which we can be more cavalier about. Eleanor got:

a baby doll, for which we are still seeking a name.

A kitchen and some plastic food. She spends TENS of minutes going back and forth between her kitchen and mine, noting the similarities. Mama have a microwave, and ELEANOR have a microwave! And so on.

These roasted grapes are never going to caramelize.

A shopping cart, which so far acts as a high chair for the baby, and a storage receptacle for all the food.

A game for making giant sandwiches. It's actually a fun running-around type of game, but mostly we just make giant sandwiches and then eat them.

A pair of skeleton jammies. Eleanor doesn't laugh when I poke her in the upper arm and say, I found this humerus. I mean, she doesn't yet.

A memory game where you fill a cardboard shopping cart with things from your list. We've modified it by turning all the pieces face-up and she just has to…you know. Find them with her eyes. It's about as difficult as she's capable of, but she's super into it.

A wooden pizza, with pizza cutter and little velcro pepperonis and everything.

Several books and clothing items (LEGGINGS WITH LLAMAS) and a little stuffed swan and sheep that she carries with her everywhere.

It will come as a surprise to exactly NO ONE that Eleanor is delighted with all the packaging lying around.

Addendum: a few days after Christmas, a suspicious-looking package arrived and it was a TENT and Eleanor just ran in and out of it, shrieking, for half an hour.

Then she figured out that she could bring books in there.

I'll never see her again.


Anonymous said...

I ALSO GOT MY CHITLINS A TENT and have not seen them in days.

Karen said...

I mostly want to say that to suggest that anything is actually "under" that tree is kinda, well, NOT. Also, our plastic kitchen and plastic food and plastic plates, cups, flatware were absolutely played with TO DEATH for many years by all three kids and their friends. It was maybe the last thing we got rid of. A wise purchase!

Amanda said...

Every time we go to IKEA, my Eleanor seeks out that tent specifically and then refuses to come out of it. We have to lure her out with promises of Swedish meatballs.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...


Unknown said...

Bekah has a point.