Sunday, December 29, 2013

We have been festive-ing SO HARD.

CHRISTMAS. I guess I never blogged this part of it but you know what was terrible? Last Christmas. Joel worked four 24-hour (OR LONGER) shifts in eight days, which means that he just came home for sleep, and then on Christmas Day he worked 14 hours, and then on Boxing Day he worked until the evening after Boxing Day. So…that.

But this year! Oh man. We had that week in Mexico, where we hung out all day, every day, and then Joel worked for a week, in which Eleanor and I made a gingerbread house (it took four days. I wrote about it at length here, but suffice it to say that it was terrible and fun and I would definitely do it again next year. Eleanor's favorite activity for DAYS was to sit with it in her lap and gently touch it

and occasionally kiss it.)

And then Joel had six more days off. The BOUNTY. He had a pretty rough cold, so there was a lot of lying down

(That's fine, I'll just bring the tea party to you!)

and eating toast

(I can help you with this one, too.)

but we also did glorious festive things like the Enchanted Forest.

Twelve drummers drumming, and all that.

It was most impressive.

We went for a walk down by the river on Christmas Eve.

It was actually warm enough to be outside for half an hour and not die.

We wanted to build a snowman in the afternoon but the snow is too dry, so Joel flung it in the air with the shovel and Eleanor laughed and laughed.

He went off to shovel the walk, so I threw handfuls in the air for her. After a few she said (patronizingly), Good job, Mum. Daddy make a big one now?

He gave her shovel rides instead.

If you play in the snow, you get cocoa after (those are the rules)

and if it's Christmas Eve, you watch The Grinch (those are the other rules). Eleanor loves the song Welcome, Christmas. Whenever it came on our Christmas Radio Station she'd look up and go, Welcome welcome! Favorite song!

The other Christmas Eve rule is that you get Chinese food, because nobody feels like cooking. Unlike other places I have lived, most Chinese food places in Saskatoon actually close on Christmas Eve, so we had to phone eight restaurants until we found one that was open.

Eleanor eats only the ginger beef. Maybe some broccoli, but mostly ginger beef. Can you blame her, really.

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