Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snowed under.

We have been experiencing a snowpocalypse. A snowmageddon! It's been snowing again. I literally just moved here from Saskatoon and this is what I get.

Last Saturday was supposed to be Eleanor's long-deferred birthday brunch - it was actually supposed to be the weekend after her birthday, but my niece got sick, and then everyone in that house got sick and continued very sick and THEN they got better but my parents had put their house on the market - MY ANCESTRAL HOME! So the weekends were for showings and then brunch was supposed to be this past weekend but it snewed. It snew a little

it snew some more


Eleanor helped Joel shovel the driveway

Geneva did not help. She does not care for the snow unless it is for eating.


It snew our entire average snowfall but in like 48 hours.

Get a-shovelin.

It looks like it is waist-deep on Geneva but it was actually DEEPER THAN THAT but the lower layers packed down.

Anywerd. We obviously did not drive to my parents' in this mess. We barely made it the like five blocks to a friend's house, where they had built a sledding hill (WITH JUMP) in their cul de sac.

The next day (LOLLLLL for the next week) Joel had to take my car to work, because his was entirely snowed under and also is tiny. My sister and I were texting in the morning, Sorry we had to postpone brunch, this weather is insane, how are you feeling, not great had some contractions last night, they're stopped now, I'm making stew.

Fifteen minutes later, I get a text from my dad that they're ON THERE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE THERE'S GONNA BE A BABY. Maybe like forty minutes later, I get another text that A BABY IS BORN.

Oh man a-living. A baby, a baby, a baby. I've always been away when the babies are being born, but this time I was HERE, except I wasn't here, I was stranded, with no car and the roads and there was a BABY. So my dad drove out to get us, drove us in falling snow and terrible roads and we couldn't even get home, from all the cars stalled on all the hills, so we just went straight to the hospital and held that brand new baby.

Look at this Winslow Marie, look how perfect her face.

We stayed and held a baby and the girls went up and down on the beds until the congestion had cleared and the cars been removed and we could get home. We stayed the night, and the next afternoon my dad drove us home again, where we've been for FOUR DAYS with no car and the sidewalks are so impassable that it took us twenty minutes to walk the four blocks for sushi and we are doing everything we can not to lose our dang minds but nobody even care, because there's a baby.


Amanda said...

Oh, sweet baby! Congrats to everyone!

Jane said...

CRAZY that labor and delivery were under an hour! Congrats to Rebekah; Winslow is beautiful and her name is awesome.

blackbird said...

Best story ever.
It's my dream to be snowed under.

Pam said...


If we're ever snowed up - which is once every ten years or so - we just get the bus. But never for sushi. Very different lives!

I do love tiny new babies. They're so wonderful for the two days when they just eat and sleep. Then they're also wonderful but such hard work!