Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day surprise.

Eleanor has preschool three days a week, gymnastics one of the other days, weekends are always so busy, so Tuesday is our one day for Fun And Adventure. This last Tuesday was also Valentine's Day! So we hauled downtown to have a festive donut.

While we were down there, we popped into the used book store to pet the cat.

Geneva loves that cat (his name is Nietzsche). She'll sit there for tens of minutes, murmuring to him about her day - 'An den we had a donut, and den - you are so soft - and den we are goin to de comic book store after dis.' - or reading him a book.

AN HOUR LATER, we left the book store and the comic book store we were aiming for wasn't open for another half hour, so we popped into the Walmart to pick up raspberries for Eleanor's preschool party and also get some chicken nuggets because hi we were starving. So we've eaten our nuggets, and grabbed some raspberries, and then a woman is like, Oh here, and hands me a stuffed frog, and walks out the door.

I'm like, This isn't ours...ok. And then I look and around its neck is a tag saying, I'm lost! Please return me to the photo studio and you will get a prize.

So we take him to the photo studio, and wait ten minutes for the customer in front of us to be served, and give the frog to the lady, and she's like, Ok! You each get a sticker! And I'm like, For stickers we waited ten minutes.

But THEN she's like, And your mom gets a free portrait session and one print! Do you want to book it for another day? And I'm like, HA HA NOPE THEY ARE ALREADY MATCHING NOW IS GREAT.

SO MY KIDS GOT A PORTRAIT SESSION AT WALMART BY ACCIDENT AND IT WAS SO CHEESY AND I WANTED LITERALLY ALL THE POSES. There was one where Eleanor was sitting and Geneva was behind her, with her two little hands folded over Eleanor's shoulder, and it was BEYOND, but it was too close-up and you could see that Geneva still had sauce on her face, both girls had chicken in their teeth.

But they loved it, they loved being posed like little dolls and holding weird props and in like three weeks (I dunno, maybe they are cross-stitching it for me, or painting it by hand) I'm gonna go pick up a free print of my little ladybugs standing back to back, with 'princess hands.'

(And then for supper, because it was Valentine's Day but Joel got stuck at work, we went to A&W for a root beer float

and onion rings, and poutine.)


Pam said...

Your little people are exceptionally cute.

dlgowan said...

Poutine! I was in Vermont last week and had poutine for the first time in my life. They had vegetarian poutine on the menu, so I had to try it. It was.... interesting.