Monday, March 20, 2017

Oh hi

It's me. I know. But the main reason I posted was for my family, and now I see them all the time.

But now I post for Josie, and for myself when I want to look back and reminisce. So I'm trying. It's just that our days are like: Took Eleanor to preschool, brought Geneva home so she could play with all of Eleanor's toys. Took Eleanor to preschool, took Geneva to gymnastics. Took Eleanor to gymnastics. Took Eleanor to preschool, took Geneva to the grocery store.

But spring break! So last week, Eleanor was at an athletic fundamentals camp (we've been calling it 'sportsball camp') but in the next town over, and I hate driving JUST ENOUGH that I won't drive the half-hour home, so Geneva and I have been bopping around Abbotsford, land of my early 20s. Just havin a starbucks,

hitting a thrift store,

hitting a more different thrift store,

finding a 'diant squeyyel' in a library (Geneva that is a chipmunk omg),

reading to a fake doggo at that same library,

finding an Irish polar bear (what) at a more different library,

sitting in a hand-chair at that same library ('dis chair is holdin me!'),

havin a muffin,

havin a tea.

Now it's WEEK TWO of spring break, how is spring break two weeks long BUT we have already been to see a magic show and Eleanor is exactly the right age for terrible puns and chicken-butt jokes.


blackbird said...

I am the world's worst blogger.
You should post for ME.
I NEED updates on those girls.
I love how they "read" to each other and fake animals.

ramblin'andie said...

It is hard to be a consistent blogger AND have a life. But David has insisted I try, so that one day when he's famous I will already have completed his biography for him. Or at least the early bits.

I love these snapshots into your life.

Kamsarmer said...

We totally miss updates, and we totally understand that da 'grrrlz come first. We was in Abbotsford last week, sorry we missed you!!!

trish said...

Your posts are still my favorite.

Jane said...

Trust me. When it comes time to write your mother-of-the-groom, errr, bride speech, you're gonna be so happy you have this blog.

Lorna said...

You're back! Having followed your little fam after being redirected from 'books I done read' about 6 years ago (!) I was missing your updates. Strange that a girl from Oxfordshire, England, would be waiting for updates but 'tis true. I have 2 little ladies of my own, smaller than yours, but I love seeing what you and your girls get up to.
Keep up the posts if you can find the time. Lorna x

Pam said...

I was certainly missing your updates. What's a granny in Edinburgh to do with herself when she's wasting time at the computer? And your blog gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling during these mad days because I know that your children are perfect and your life is perfect. That's right, isn't it? Well, you're very funny, anyway.