Saturday, August 26, 2017

Garrison Festival

We LIVE in Garrison now! So the festival is, like, in our backyard. It feels so luxurious, after a year of driving to literally everything, to be able to walk like 500 feet to a festival.

We ran into the girls' gymnastics coach, who had set up a booth and was giving out ribbons.

We did a kicking-and-punching mini lesson.

WE MET MOANA AND ARIEL. (Moana remembered the girls from the Chilliwack festival, because we were there on a day when no one else was there so I let them just like chat with her for ENDLESS minutes.)

Geneva loves a princess so, so much.

We got pizza.

We got ice cream.

There was a bunny?

We got balloons.

And then we staggered the five minutes home, which it turns out are LONG MINUTES WHEN YOU ARE ALL SO HOT AND NOW IT IS 2PM AND YOU SHOULD BE RESTING, and Geneva put her balloon fish down for a minute so she could...I don't even know, but half of him popped, and Eleanor tried to convince her he was now a sea dragon but she wasn't having it.

Still worth it all.

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blackbird said...

Eleanor is the best big sister in the blog world.