Monday, August 28, 2017

Vancouver Days

Joel and I carved out a day for ourselves a few weekends ago, dropped the kids off with my parents, and then drove into the city and straight to Tacofino.


Then we rented bikes and biked around the seawall, which never gets less beautiful.

And it's blackberry season!

Thence to Granville Island for a walkaround and some donuts

and another donut for the road.

And thence to the Richmond Night Market for a rotato

some Phnom Penh wings

some Super Good Cup Chicken

(which was, at best, regular good)

a Bao Bun (a fried bun with a slab of ice cream wedged inside)

some soft tofu with diced mango and ginger syrup

and a box of noodles from the Sauce Boss to go.

We stayed overnight in Surrey and had a quiet, child-free continental breakfast the next morning

before picking up our hooligan children. Summertiiiiiiiiiiime!


blackbird said...

I really do love the way you eat.

Pam said...

And why are you both so slim???? There's no justice...