Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Now We Are Six


The night before, I had told her I wasn't sure I'd be able to flood her room with balloons because Geneva sleeps on the bottom bunk, which is basically on the floor, and would be overrun with them in her sleep, but mostly because I didn't think I'd be able to stay awake until she fell asleep. 'That's ok. You can just put a bunch of balloons downstairs!'

We had leftover whipped cream from our hot chocolating, so we topped our cereal with it.

I set up the birthday tree, and this is maybe the only positive side to Lionel's December birthday, that I'll only have to drag the tree unseasonally out of storage once a year.

Joel and I got her a microscope and a chemistry set, because she's becoming a huge nerd. She spent the morning learning facts

and doin' science.

Geneva kept herself busy.

Is she playing Zingo with a stuffed dog, and playing both cards? 

Eleanor asked months ago for a red velvet cake, baked in my fancy bundt pan, with rainbow cream cheese icing and also she wanted to pick the sprinkles out herself.

So like a MONTH ago, we were all at the grocery store together and got a box of red velvet cake mix because you guys! I DON'T LIKE BAKING CAKES AND IT TURNS OUT I'M NOT GOOD AT IT AND CAKE FROM A BOX IS DELICIOUS. She picked some gold sprinkles, and we iced and sprinkled the cake together, and it was SO EXACTLY what she wanted and I told her that's what comes of being very specific in your instructions.

And it was beautiful and sunny so we went to the park and went sledding.

Eleanor has historically had very good sledding weather for her birthdays.

Ice chunks kept falling from the playground and lamp posts and stuff, you had to keep an eye out. 'This is a TROUGH.'

This is a sleep-monster in a too-big bearsuit.

And then, as is now tradition, we tore the gingerbread house to bits.

Ugh, so sugary.

And then the grands and the cousins came over! I continue to get away with not throwing a real party for one more year.

Last summer, Eleanor kept DRAWING on herself during her quiet time, and I was like, Can u don’t. Finally I was like, If you can keep from drawing on yourself for the REST OF THE SUMMER, we can have a party where we draw on ourselves and it's fine. And then I forgot about that but you know who did not forget.

So we did that.

And then we had nachos, and cake, and presents, and then the girls vanished to the dress-up bin until it was time to go home. Every time we do a thing like this, it just reaffirms our decision to move back here.

And the next weekend, we had Birthday Brunch at my parents' house!

Eleanor ate her weight in potato patties, and cinnamon pull-apart.

Whatever Geneva you loved it.

My aunt got Eleanor these thought-bubble headbands you can write on, and they were a HIT.

Those are dark thoughts, Geneva.

YES YOU ARE A DINOSAUR never change.

My mom got her an enormous thing of beads, and between those two things, the kids were taken care of for the afternoon.

Later that day, at home: This is because I'm thinking about my BIRTHDAY.


Pam said...

So lovely! Maybe apart from the drawing on themselves... Happy Birthday, Eleanor. My grandson was six and a half yesterday. He was very excited about this.

trish said...

Box cake really is delicious. SPEAKING OF WHICH, I was watching a cooking show, and they were like, box cake is not so great, we are going to do a blind taste test. And the guy taste testing them thought the box cake was their from scratch cake. I lol'd and lol'd and lol'd.

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Somaiyya said...

I admire you so much.