Monday, January 22, 2018

Lionel Comes Along

Joel was home for a few days after Lionel was born, and then my mom moved in with us to help get the girls to school and dance and soccer, and then it was Christmas, and then Joel was home again, and then school started and I was on my OWN. Gotta get these big girls to all their activities! And Lionel just...comes along. Comes to school drop-off!

Comes to field trips!

Comes to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast!

Comes to dinner afterward!

Comes to read our chapter book before bed!

Comes grocery shopping!

Comes to soccer!

Comes downstairs to watch football!

Comes to get the mail!

Such an agreeable and well-traveled little babeling.


blackbird said...

That's what the third one does. Makes for a low-maintenance human. It's good.

Pam said...

Oh, those pictures of Eleanor cuddling him!

My third was the same: just got trundled about. He survived. He had two big sisters too, who adored him and pandered to him. I thought he'd never find a woman who would treat him so well. And I think I was probably right. But he's a very adoring husband and father, which is good.

(Goodness, your new verify thing is HARD! especially for those of us who, for example, don't know what American taxis are like. It took me four goes.)

Somaiyya said...