Sunday, March 25, 2018


Oh hey! Things are doing stuff! For starters, I moved this little nougat out of my room last week. 

It was sweet, having my last baby sleeping by my bedside, and convenient when he was eating every three hours. And he’d wake up in the wee hours and I’d just drag him into bed with me and nurse him there. 

Or it’d be the less-wee hours and I’d feed him and then we’d hang out until it was time to rouse the girls. 

Maybe we’d read a book together. 

Now he’s in his own room, so big and brave. His room is typically third-kid ready. There’s a basinnet in the back corner, if you squint. 

I love eating spicy chips in my bed at night, it feels salacious. I love waking up at 6 and having my coffee with my lamp ON, before everyone else comes pouring out of their rooms. Often the li’l man is still asleep at 7, and we all go wake him up together. 

Joel is putting together his crib today, though, because look at this monstrous sir. 


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Pam said...

Oh gosh, yes, getting such a big boy!

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More please.

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