Sunday, May 06, 2018

If a blogger posts in the woods

Oh man, hi blogger, hi. Thinks keep happening! And every time I have a birthday or go to the tulip festival or go to the lake for a readathon, I'm like, I should blog about this! But like who has the time, the blogger app on my phone no longer works, the replacement app isn't as user-friendly, and instagram exists! (Come find me there! That's where all my good shit is.)

But there are things that happen that don't lend themselves to even the longest of instagram stories, so here's some stuff: We put Lionel in the jolly jumper for the first time on my birthday, and he was in there for like 45 minutes! I was like, What an anomaly, it's a birthday miracle, but it TURNS OUT he will just be in the jolly jumper until you take him out, it's amazing. The day after the readathon, my sister and I were sitting in my house, having tea, waiting for our kids to arrive, and after about an hour I was like, Lionel should probably sleep. And I went to get him and noticed that he had jumped the skin ENTIRELY OFF of the one little toe that curls under, and was MERRILY jumping in a pool of his own blood and omg omg. Now he wears a single sock to jump.

Anyway. At least it happened on my dark wood floors and not on the beautiful white shag rug at Jane's cabin.

Another thing that is happening is that the girls are playing 'Butler and Queen' and here's Geneva, eating a platter of things Eleanor found in the garden for her (and it's early, so like it's chives, chard, and broccoli) while Eleanor does her hair.

The sun is out, our legs are bare, we cut down that massive old dying cedar behind our house and planted some fruit trees in the bizarro no-man's land beside the garage, I've planted asparagus this year, holy golly do I ever have a garden post in me somewhere apparently.

Lol asparagus is ridiculous. ANYWAY. Hi.


blackbird said...

HI! Love you all!

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Pam said...

Hi to you too. That all sounds great (apart from the toe).