Monday, August 28, 2006

can your sword do this?

i bought a sword for my brother in thailand. brian falls also bought a sword. bri, your sword may be bigger and heavier, but does it make that *shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!* sound when you pull it out of the scabbard?
does it have carving on the blade?

can it be brandished in such a menacing fashion?

(that notice on the mirror is something to the effect that we are all grown children, and can we please stop leaving our crap lying around everywhere. the articles on the counter are evidence of unclaimed crap)

in other news, i took koala for a jog in the cool, sensibly-temperatured vancouver evening. myself, i have been jogging in thailand. koala, she has been lying her fat self around. here she is having a bit of a tough time, but looking immensely pleased with herself.

it has been dictated that i shall stick to walking her. i shall have to jog in my own time.

my mother has made great strides in moving her belongings out of the-room-in-which-i-now-live (not to be confused with 'my bedroom,' which has been awol since at least the mt waddington house. this will, at best, become the room in which i and my belongings co-habitate with the sewing machine and some spare bedding and a roll of tinfoil). this means that 'a place for everything and everything in its place' is now a viable reality, if not an actual fact.

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Nater said...

"Shing" could also be rendered as "fish-swindollin."

PS - You're cool.