Tuesday, August 01, 2006

huzzah! generic blog titles are hard to come by these days

tuesdays are usually a long day (teach at wat samet in the morning, have joy in the afternoon, teach an adult english class at tlc in the evening) and so when i returned home late last night, i was unceremoniously ordered to sleep in this morning, and not accompany the boys on their drive to school, but ordered in such a way that i felt like i had made the decision. thai people do this to you.

in other news, it appears that apilak has moved into our home (quasi)permanently. this being everyone's first orphanage, we are unsure as to how to proceed. do we set up a separate townhouse and nanny for the two babies? do we keep one of them with the boys (who, quite frankly, did not sign up to be parents, and who i feel should have no obligation to tend to the overgrown foetusi) and keep the other one with one of the families? what is to be done? be in prayer.

a new team has arrived from california, they're supposed to be a 'band' of some sort, but there's at least fifteen of them, plus several small children, so we have taken to calling them 'the orchestra.' one of the women from the previous california team back in june sent me the biggest box of 'now and laters' via this team (to the canadian amongst you, 'now and laters' are a candy akin to a starburst, only tangier, and they are hard 'now' when you start chewing them, and soft 'later') and so i am currently consuming far more sugar than is good for me. rudy, you are a peach.


Randy said...

funny, i always thought they were called 'now and laters' because you'd eat some 'now' and save some for 'later'. hm...mulitple meanings for candy names

raych said...

they could also be called such because, due to their hard-and-soft nature, you can start eating one 'now' and still be eating it 'later.'

Nater said...

Or maybe its one of those crazy reverse words that you look in the mirror at, and it says "won & sretal." ... Which we all know means to bluff! Probably gambling is how you died!