Tuesday, August 29, 2006

who's unemployed?

i was supposed to hang out with my sister today, but she begged off. so i went up to the ole metrotown red robin (wherein i have my humble serving beginnings), resume in hand, to make my face familiar and offer to put my name and number in the back, should they need shifts covered. the manager wasn't in, the assistant manager was busy, would i like to leave a resume and application? truth be told, i would not, as this does nothing towards making my face familiar, and said resume would inevitably be tossed into the drawer of the hostess stand, smothered by scraps of paper with to-go orders scribbled on them, and tossed out within the month. i know how this works. so i said i'd come back tomorrow, and wandered on out.

having this useless resume in my hand, i puttered over to the jellybean daycare center in metrotown and dropped it off, just for kicks. i was exactly one block away from the mall entrance when olga, from jellybean, phoned and asked me to come back for an interview. we clicked. she liked. i have a job. i haven't said yes, but it's mine for the taking. she's dying for me to take it. there are three other people vying for the job, which has to be filled by the 5th, so i have to let her know by tomorrow, but she wants to give it to me. 'what's so special about you, rachel?' she says to me, not in the 'why should i give you this job' sense but in the 'why do i feel overwhelmingly compelled to give you this job' sense. i love Jesus? i have my new pink shirt on? i don't know. the favor of the Lord is upon me? something like that.

i thought i'd be desperately struggling for weeks to find work. to be honest, the thought of lazing around, half-heartedly looking for a real job and picking up shifts at reds, kind of appealed to me. God only knows, though, what's in store. this job feels dropped into my lap; i feel compelled to take it. 'you go on upstairs and thank the Lord,' says my mother.



Michael said...

That's pretty swell, Raych. Pray that I can be 'special' to someone too! For reals though, congrats. I'm stoked for you!

ps - I haven't had the chance to ask you "how was your trip?"!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! Am I surprised? Not in the least. A person would be crazy not to hire you. The Jellybean daycare, that's where Lindsay Graham and I used to drop off her brother when her mom made us take him to the mall with us... heheh. I love you and am so glad you made it home in one piece ( I have chosen not to include your sanity in that statement, as I doubt it was ever in one piece..)
I will be in Bby on Thursday, maybe we can do a coffe in the late morning, that is if you are not already working.
Love Jacki

boo said...

You know, I just wanted to spend a WHOLE day with you as opposed to a crumby late afternoon/evening where I felt greasy etc. Right now I feel like the white ninja and his rhubarb. You are the rhubarb appraisal who tells me it is celery. I can only point a menacing finger and state, "It isn't ripe yet!"

raych said...

i only MENTIONED the fact that we were GOING to hang out to UNDERscore the whole 'if this hadn't happened i wouldn't have gotten this JOB' aspect of the story (also subtly found in the 'if the manager HAD been at reds, i would have left my resume there, and not BOTHERED applying at jellybean, and would probably have taken that job in langley' portion). i have no appropriate rejoinder to 'losebag.' it caps all.

Jerami said...

ah, ah, ah. it does not quite cap all. there is one insult that wins EVERY time, and if you don't know this, you don't listen to enough Dane Cook.