Thursday, August 31, 2006


applying for med school isn't like applying for Bible college. you don't just fill out a batch of standard forms, leaving half the questions blank because you don't know your information off by heart and you're too lazy to go look it up, and doodling daisies in the corner. applying for med school is more like trying to get new id after all your old id has been stolen. you have to fill out forms in triplicate, provide two pieces of official mail addressed to you, get a copy of your dental records (well, none of this is actually true for either new id or med school, but you get the idea). i know all this, not because i'm hauling myself through all this muck, but because joel is. since i'm not going to be a doctor, it's really none of my business whatall becoming a doctor entails. except that what he goes through, inevitably i go through (babe, i mean that in the least resentful, most supportive sense, and in the same way that you have been [vicariously] suffering pms for the past two and a half years.) ANYway, part of what is required is a short, biographical essay saying, essentially, this is who i am, this is why i'm awesome, this is why i want to become a doctor, and this is why you should let me into med school, all in two pages or less. he has now written the essay, and it is up to me, editor extraordinaire, to spit-shine it. even though he left at an already-late-ish hour, i know that my writing/editing skills are better at night than they are during the day, so i had at 'er for a while, but there's always that point (you late-night paper-writers know what i'm talking about) where your evening talent peaks, and then you start to sound like you're drinking wine straight from the bottle, and now looks to be about that time, so perhaps i will stop editing vitally important documents, cut short the flow of bloggerrhea, and get some sleep.
also, happy birthday, jacks.


Robyn Bishop said...

Isn't it funny how late at night we are coherent enough to blog, but to do anything else would be foolish.

Anonymous said...

Bagels in Seattle!!!