Friday, August 25, 2006


just a notice to all and sundry that i am home, safe and sound. i'm desperately trying to reacclimate myself to north america (the weather here is fabulous, though i'm not as sweat-proof as i hoped i'd be) and process my trip. how does one integrate the lessons of an adventure into the torpor of everyday life? on a related topic, does anyone know any good books along the lines of finding God in your achingly boring life?

i'm not sure how often i'll be blogging these days. i'd like to keep it up, but i'm frankly not planning on doing anything interesting. still, all my blogging friends manage to make their lives sound interesting, and my feelings won't really be hurt if everyone stops reading, because i won't know, right? so consider this the close to a chapter.


Michael said...

Let me be the first - welcome home! You have been dearly missed.

Achingly boring life? Perhaps that's a good thing, because integrating all those experiences and lessons into said life takes nothing but time. If I think of any books, I'll be sure to let you know. Or, you can try what I'm trying - write your own! No doubt you have a new and unique perspective on God and how the world operates with and without Him outside of our isolated little culture we here like to call North America. You now have a larger world view, and there are plenty of people out there who I'm sure would benefit from that perspective somehow.

I remember when my brother returned home from Africa, I took him to Lougheed Mall for some reason, and he almost freaked out. It's different, however, seeing as you had BIGGER malls, rather than mud huts. My point is, readjusting will be a process, but you will never be the same as before you left, so don't try to be (not that you planning on it, but I thought it was worth saying anyway). Enjoy!

See you at church!

Jerthom said...

the good thing about even boring blogs is that one can keep up with people that they don't really keep in contact with, such as me keeping up with your life...Have fun in what you do,