Tuesday, January 16, 2007

do we really need a toilet bowl brush?

joel and i went registering on the weekend, and i was all like, yay! free shopping! this will be fun!!!

fun = arduous

you know how hard it is to make decisions about big ticket items? and how you want to comparison-shop and then go home and think about it and then ask your dad his opinion and then go back and get a different one? registering is making all those decisions at once, and kind of in a rush. what color do we want our plates to be? do we need a toaster if we're already registering for a toaster oven? and what of pans? are bagless vacuum cleaners really all they're cracked up to be? why are knives so expensive?

i'm still not convinced that we'll need kitchen shears, but i bartered them for a digital timer. and then there's the measuring cups both liquid and dry, the vegetable peeler, the toothbrush holder, the hundreds of dollars worth of things that you need but dont have because you've always had roommates who brought ice cube trays into the equation and all you've got is a coffee bean grinder and an air-pop popcorn popper and a wine-bottle holder shaped like a hand.

and then also it was joel's birthday, and i wanted to do something fun, but instead i had to give him a coupon for the fun thing i had thought of to do, and we'll have to do it later, and i had a spicy chicken burrito from taco bell that sat wrong all afternoon until i dumped some yogen fruz on top of it, and the low-fat yogurt + fruit helped detoxify the testosterchicken and miscellaneous spices and then i felt ok. and joel has this horrible cough which is really just a continuation of the cough he had over christmas, because he never actually got over that one, and we were trying to watch a movie but he kept having to blow his nose, and you can't get mad at someone for being sick, and when they're that sick mostly what you feel is pity and a shameful relief that it's not you, but i think snot is pretty much the grossest thing, and i'd rather die than have someone else's snot on me, even joel's. and we're starting pre-marital counselling soon, so we had to do this 165-question preparation exam, and we weren't allowed to cheat and be like, i got (c) for number 79, what did you get, so that we could look like the perfect couple and sail through counselling, because that's the point, right?

and so it was a long day, but not like last week was long. it was more productive than frustrating and mundane, and it was more fun than hellish, because i was with joel, and that makes everything more tolerable. even registering. and snot (almost).

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Robyn Bishop said...

You will want kitchen shears...