Saturday, January 20, 2007

in which i make a large purchase

and so i bought a dress.

let me elaborate.

the first time we went to bryan's, we were helped by a woman named jordana (name remains unchanged to enunciate how COOL she was, and if you ever go to the bryan's in brentwood mall to buy a something, ask for jordana, because she was rad) who ran around fetching me dresses she thought i would like, and generally being helpful and servicable and enthusiastic, as though she were my best girlfriend or something, even though i had technically come in too late to be trying anything on. yesterday, we were helped by...honestly, i never got her name, and i probably wouldn't use it here anyways, since i have nothing nice to say about her. but she had acres of trouble finding the dresses i had marked down last time, and asked if i could help her because i might recognize them if i saw them, to which i replied that no, i wouldn't know them from a hole in the ground, which was (in my opinion) why we had written the style numbers down in the first place! she eventually found them, and led us to a room, but she was also taking care of another bride. this left me standing in a dress we weren't too interested in for probably ten minutes, while i tried to express with my body language (unzipping half the back, taking off the straps, lounging by the changing room door) that i was ready for a new dress. it's bad weddingdressshoppingettiquette, you see, to take the dresses out of the bags yourself. that's why you have a 'person.' ANYway, once the other bride left, and we had her to ourselves, she was vague and un-helpful, and any assistance or information had to be pried out of her, and she didn't seem like she knew her stuff. and then we went up to the counter to pay, and the girl at the counter was abrupt (code for rude) and also un-helpful. we were asking questions about alteration prices, and she said that she had no idea, and that we'd have to talk to the seamstress about that. she gave us the total, final, complete price, and my mom asked if that included the finishing (cleaning, pressing, fixing any teeny flaws) fee, being as how this was the total, final, complete price she was giving us, and she said no, that was an extra such and such. again, like pulling teeth to get any info here.

but let's talk about my dress. joel reads this thing, and while he couldn't care less if he knows what my dress looks like, I care, and it's MY blog, and so i won't describe it. i'll just say that i tried it on the last time i was in bryan's, and it was the fan favorite. in lieu of a vague sort of description, i WILL say that if new york were a mermaid in the 40's, it would be this dress.

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