Wednesday, January 10, 2007

white and nerdy

so, i think it's safe to say that the weather in the lower mainland has been...*ahem*...inclement in the past while. and yet, the children, they need to move their bodies. so the other day when it was dumping rain out, and we couldn't use the out-of-doors to run and scream, we played a wildly popular game called 'freeze dance.' you all know it. dancing til the music stops and freezing and whatall, with the flailing of the five-year-old bodies and the burning of energy and the sudden stopings in humorous postures. so the Fragile Clarence...but allow me to digress, to discribe. the Fragile Clarence has enormous blue eyes, the palest of transluscent skin, and a tiny alien-mouth. he had the hood of his t-shirt over his head, but tucked behind his ears, so that it looked like a badly-tied do-rag. he then proceeded to perform the most ramshackle break-dance moves ever executed.

i wish you could have been there.

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