Thursday, January 11, 2007

in the family way?

so, that time that i posted that i was engaged, i got, like, a zillion comments, and then nate posted that he and erin were preggos, and HE got a zillion comments. so, in a power-hungry bid for recognition, i would like to announce that i am with child.

except that this is the post where i tell you all that i'm not pregnant.

so, joel and i got engaged just before christmas (you may recall), and we're getting married in the middle of april. this has prompted rumors of a shotgun wedding, and the time has come to inform you that, no, there will be no little rachel-lings running around within the next year. the true story is as follows:

there's a very narrow window between joel finishing school and joel going back to school. roughly two weeks worth. i'm in a wedding near the end of that window, and so, in order to eliminate (decrease? mildly alleviate?) stress, we have set the date for the beginning of the window.

i know. much less juicy.


Nater said...

Though in connection with you previous post of "the simple math," perhaps pregnancy could be added into the equation for even more of an excuse. Not that anyone in our home is being emotional or anything.

erinjoy said...

What's not normal about crying at Tim Horton's when the lady has to ask you twice if it's to stay or to go?

alan.schram said...

I heard you were pregnant!

Robyn Bishop said...

Rachel, will you name your baby after me?