Thursday, January 18, 2007

i should teach them to play yahtzee

the clarences are remarkable resourceful, ie. good at making up games, particularly when given a large space to run around in. one of my favorite things to do is take them to the church sanctuary and let them go mad.

i taught them to play 'dead bug tag,' wherein if you are about to be tagged, you can drop to the ground and be 'on T' for as long as you are rolling on your back, flailing your limbs and calling 'dead bug! dead bug!' few things are funnier to watch.

i take no credit, however, for the 'the zack,' a game of tag in which one of them is 'the zack' and hides amongst the chairs, while the rest of them tromp purposefully around the sanctuary. they always kind of know where 'the zack' is, and they get very stiff and giggly when they get close to his hideout. finally, he jumps out, they all scream 'ahhh! the zack!!' and run away. he never tags any of them, the selecting of 'the zack' is completely arbitrary, and there seems to be no point outside of tromping and sneaking, running and screaming.

which is more than enough.


september said...

i love reading your blog.

Jane said...

In the sanctuary? The CHURCH sanctuary? That holy place where one could only "WALK, don't run" in the '60's?

Anonymous said...

I bet God loves Clarences of all ages be happy in his sanctuary. :)