Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a whole new set of clarences

so, since two people in the daycare are quitting, and since two of the more villainous kinderclarences have left, making the kinderclarence program more manageable, the boss clarence has asked if i would mind moving into the daycare program in the afternoons to sort of fill that gap. which is sort of a raw deal. i mean, i've spent the last four months training the kinders not to kill each other, and we've finally reached a point where the Angry Clarence doesn't do that rigid-body clenched-fists lowered-brow-stare thing anymore, and the Goofy Clarence has stopped saying words like 'wee wee' and 'poo' ALL THE TIME, and the May Be Slightly Retarded Clarence hasn't stolen anything in a week (that we've noticed), and i'm starting to enjoy them. and now i have to trade them in for younger, brattier models. who can't wipe their own asses.

but the need is there, and the boss clarence is a dear, and i'm quitting mid-april anyways so it's only for a limited time, and the boss clarence said she'd move mountains to try and find someone to fill it full-time before the other two quit, but i may end up starting what is essentially a whole new job. to which i can only reply...

shazbot! now watch this video.

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