Saturday, June 16, 2007


Last Wednesday, Joel and I took one more step towards becoming a real couple...we MERGED BANK ACCOUNTS!!!

That's not actually true.

What we did do was shut down my bank account (this is a complete other story having to do with BMO charging me each month for the privilege of using their services, and being unwilling to stop my payments toward my student loan, and the student loan people refusing to acknowledge that I have a loan with them, and thereby refusing to stop my payments as well, even though I am back in school, and so we figure that if I just close down my account, they'll find my loan pretty quick. Or it'll just keep being lost, and I wont have to pay it off. wOOt) and withdraw all my money.

Then we went over to Superstore, where Joel banks, to put all my money into his account. No problems thus far.

THEN we tried to put my name onto Joel's account. We had all of my ID (which still has my maiden name on it, because I have better things to do, like eat a bag of chips) AND our marriage certificate, which proves that the gal on the ID (Rachel Plett) is now the wife of the guy on the bank statements (Joel Krueger).

They wouldn't do it. They said I had to have photo ID, with my new name on it.

I guess the thrust of that story is that A. I finally had to go and get my learners (again), so that I could have some current ID. Thankfully, since I've already had my learners for NINE YEARS, I don't have to have it for another year before I can book my road test. I just have to learn how to drive. And B. Until my plastic card license with photo and name comes in the mail, and I can use that to convince Mr. Banker that I'm not a money-stealing floozy, I have no bank card. I have no access to money. I've never felt so vulnerable in my life. What if I suddenly, desperately, need a chocolate bar? What if I have to buy a fabulous jacket, and it's on sale, for now and for only?

Scary times.

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Rebekah said...

That's when you need to start drinking heavily on weekends so you always have spare change
This becomes useful when someone (like mom) has a need for TONS of change (such as filling up the "help pregnant babies with babies" bottle the morning it's due) so they (mom) don't need to feel embarrassed when they get to church because their loving daughter has just put X amount of toonies, loonies, quarters, dimes, nickels (NO PENNIES!) into the bottle which has depleted her cottage cheese container of drunk change to half and means next time she's looking for a quarter to ride the bus she's not going to have one. But hey, all for the babies so not such a bad pass-off.