Friday, June 29, 2007


I like to think that I can do things for my ownself. I figure that women, in general, are pretty capable of opening their own pickle jars and buying their own drinks. The question is, WHY would we do these things when there's someone hanging around to do them for us? Why, for example, would I do anything about this massive wall bug?

I could. I could grab it by a leg and throw it out the door, or squish it with a book that I don't like all that much, or spray it with some Windex, but why would I, when Joel will be home in seven hours, and HE can do it? I screamed a little bit when I took this next photo, because I was hyper-zoomed in and it was all blurry on the little screen until after I snapped the shot, and everything rushed into focus and there was this massive bug RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!

Other things that guys are good for, besides shooing bugs out the door, is moving furniture and hanging pictures. We finally brought Joel's desk in to replace that stack of boxes that I've been referring to as 'the desk.'

That is my 'Reading is Fun' Wild Things poster that Joel bought for me from the Chilliwack library, which we hung yesterday. And that yellow thing on the desk is a ruler/slap bracelet that Joel was using yesterday to complete an assignment because I told him that we didn't have any rulers in the house. Earlier to day, whilst shuffling pens from my miscellaneous office supplies drawer into the desk, I discovered what a dirty lie that is. We have three rulers.

And for those of you who care where we hung our other pictures (ie. my mom), Boo's painting is in our bedroom:
and the Mennonites are in the foyer/living room/kitchen:

And for those of you who are looking these pictures and thinking that our suite is too spacious, that we have it too good for a newlywed couple and that we should be living in a cramped hole, you're right, it is, and we should.

Just wait until we move to Vancouver, and our foyer/living room/kitchen becomes part of the bedroom, and I'm sleeping in the bookshelves.


Robyn Bishop said...

That was one nastastic bug.

Hannah said...

That is the biggest bug I've ever seen! Are they often that large where you live?