Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My sister's already heard this one

Ok, so I was pretty sure that somewhere I had blogged about how awkward my sister and I are, and how, during the year I lived at home, one of us would say something socially inappropriate/drop something valuable/be unable to keep shit together while getting on the bus, and the other one would turn to her and say 'You're so awkward! I can't take you anywhere!' But apparently not.


Now that I've married and moved, and Joel would never say that to me, my sister and I telephone each other frequently to say 'Listen to this awkward thing I did today,' and then tell about how we fell off a ladder/forgot to turn down the heat on the rice and so burnt it and so set off the fire alarm and couldn't find it to wave a tea towel at it for a good five minutes/farted on the bus.

So today, I phoned my sister to tell her how:
I was scrambling around trying to get my act together before my mom showed up today, because we had a major grocery shop to do. Joel and I have not been grocery shopping since the 1400's, and our meal options had been reduced to Mr Noodles with an egg, or Mr Noodles without an egg. Assuming we had eggs. Which we didn't. So Mom swung by at 1:15, I had class at 2:30, we shopped like madwomen, I have a well-supplied home again. I grabbed my hastily-thrown-together bag and darted off to class, this class in which we were writing in-class summaries of an article we were supposed to have read. Writing things in class, with time constraints, and paper, and a pen, causes me great stress. Why can't I just sit at home in my chair, with my computer, and email the thing to you? Anyway, I had read the article carefully and twice, and made notes on my summary-to-be in the margins. HowEVER, when I threw myself into my chair and reached into my bag, I pulled out the wrong textbook!!! Alas! My carefully-written notes! My hasty throwing-together of the bag! My 10% of my grade! I slunk up to my prof, mumbled something about how embarassing, see you in 20 minutes, and zipped home and back. Good thing I had a full 60 minutes to write that 2-page summary. Too bad I was sweating like a hog because of my super-jaunt back up the hill.


Nater said...

And now, participating for the first time in the third annual super-jaunt: ... Rachel!

Rebekah said...

since you had just woken me to tell me that story i nearly forgot it, but then remembered it later and thanked my brain for not being like matt's when you tell him things just after he's woken up.
The only thing I can tell you for today is that I wasn't paying attention awhile speed walking on the tredmill at the gym and kicked the side of it instead of gracefully walking straight and arms a-sprawled grasped onto ANYTHING that might keep me from flying off the back of that dern machine. Not to mention the dozens of times I've farted and hoped that the girl on the machine next to me thought it was someone else.