Friday, June 08, 2007

My camera takes pictures from the future.

You know how sometimes you're looking through your old photos, because you're looking for one in particular, or because you're photoshopping zits out of yourself to kill time in class, or whatever, and you find an old photo of two people you know who weren't even into each other at the time (you think) but they totally hooked up and got married afterwards, and so you're looking back and you're like, wow, prophetic photo?

Vicky and Chris, this one's for you.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, I've never seen that pic before! I think I remember that day, we all had time off together or something and went to my house and looked at old camp pictures and that harry guy was there too, what was his name? I forget. Although I'm pretty sure I was into Chris already, I pretty much fancied him by the time we had to pick pizza buddies at staff training... or even before that. And look what became of it, wedded bliss.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now that I look at the picture again I realize this was probably when we were in the first months of dating. I think it's from Christmas break of '03 because he's wearing a shirt that I got him which definitely means I was into him. Yup, now that that's cleared up I now feel satisfied.