Wednesday, June 27, 2007

make me fries

I know, my second post in one day. This will now be followed by a drought of several days or so. So, my sister and I do a lot of phoning and emailing and Facebooking to make up for the fact that we're no longer living together, and I can no longer put on appropriate pants solely for the sake of walking up to the bus stop to walk back home with her. So today, she emails me a link to this video, and then phones me so that we can watch it together. Now, I'm posting this even though the only blog-reader of mine who is guarunteed to love it is my selfsame sister, but I just laughed so damn hard! It's a video of an old Pearl Jam song, 'Yellow Ledbetter,' and scrolling across the bottom are the lyrics the video-maker thought Eddie Vedder was singing (read: mumbling like a drunken bear). This is funny because I was a teenager in the nineties and totally in love with Eddie Vedder and thought it was totally raw the way he never articulated any of his consonants. There are other videos, including one for 'Evenflow' which contains the misheard lyric 'Heathen frog bought a road like buttered fries,' but they just weren't as good. Ohhhhh man. I gotta pee.

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

eddie vedder is STILL hot.

and will always be hot

he is the next Sting