Friday, June 11, 2010

Aliens watching me pee.

Our landlords are super-sweet but also olderish (is 70 still old?  Or is 70 the new 20?) so when they ask me what I'm up to for the afternoon I don't always feel like 'dickering around on the internets' is a viable response.  So I tell them I'm going to the coffee shop to 'get some work done' (where 'work' looks suspciously like googling my own name for an hour).
ANYways, so I've been sitting at the Elephant Ear every afternoon with a coffee and a book and a laptop and a glass of water and maybe a homemade granola bar that our landlady packed for me, and the washroom is kind of dingy with pipes, but then it has these light fixtures:

Pretty?  Made of aliens?  Made of pretty aliens?


Jane said...

You weren't actually peeing when you took that picture, were you?

aleta said...

OH! I have two sets of hairpieces made out of that stuff, it's tubular crinoline, and totally awesome as rave hair, but would be super easy to make into a funky lamp of your own.

You know, if you liked them. =)