Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bring on the goodness.

The mangoes came out while we were in Terrace and I was terrified I'd missed the cheap-mango-shaped boat.  Frozen mangoes were what got me through my no-salt-no-dairy-no-anything-delicious month, and are excellent in smoothies.

Fortunatemente, when we went to Superstore on Monday they were still on for $6 per however many you could fit in one box and still have it look reasonable (i.e. 12).  Needless to day, I bought three boxes.

And then spent a few hours with a paring knife, the sixth season of Scrubs, and a large bowl.

Edited to add, as per Jane's request:  And then I spent the long, tedious, and non-photogenic process of spreading them in a single layer on parchment-paper-lined baking sheets so that they froze in individual chunks, and then frantically trying to get them into bags before they defrosted enough to stick together anyways, and then trying to fit them in my over-full freezer downstairs.


alice c said...

Crazy amount of mango.

Did you feel OK after you had eaten it all?

Jane said...

And then what? Knife, Bowl, Scrubs and, and, and... how does the story end?
You just pop them in the freezer?
It's that easy?

(Also. You look like your mom in this pic.)