Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life goes on, I suppose

Sad face, my friends. If I weren't typing this on my wee iGadget I'd go look up a very sad .gif to put here. My laptop is le broke. I know! And I was having such a good run of blogging! With pictures!

Fortunatemente for you (and mostly for me, since I'm in Terrace for another ten days) I have this iDoohickey. The intarwebs in my hand! So I will perhaps continue to blog? Sans photos. Which is EXTRA sad today, because I went to the lake with one of the doctor's wives (who is also the mother of one of Joel's classmates who is dating a friend of mine) and her two sausage-dogs and these dogs are UNRELENTINGLY hilarious. They run so fast and their legs are so short The lulz!

It was clouded over and doom-ish looking as we left town but I wore my swimsuit in good faith and high optimism and the sun broke through and it was positively roasty. The dogs chased squirrels and Diane gardened and I went for a bit of a kayak through some feeds that made me feel Amazonian. I wish you all could have been there.

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