Winter Bucket List

  • -- Make snow ice cream
  • -- Set up tree
  • -- Build a snowman
  • -- Go ice skating
  • -- See Santa
  • -- Watch The Grinch and drink hot chocolate
  • -- Enchanted Forest
  • -- Nutcracker Ballet
  • -- Make a gingerbread house
  • -- WinterShines Festival
  • -- Festival of Trees

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Surprise! There is internets in the sticks.

Intratubes!  Hello.  I am in Terrace.  Which is small, but not Yarrow-small, which is what I was picturing.  So color me pleased.

Also, I ate crab.  I ate crab.  I ate crab.  I ate crab.  In my defense, if crab is really fresh and dipped in garlic butter, it mostly just tastes like garlic butter.

That's not me, that's Peter.  Peter caught, cooked, and shucked the crab.  Alls I had to do was dip it in the butter and then cram it in my mouth.

Also, I should be bored, but I went out for coffee twice today and have a date with my aunt tomorrow.  Busy doings in small towns.


leahandmichael said...

yeah for crab! so delish! maybe we'll have to have some in greece too.. or just stuff our faces with lamb and tsatziki. (i'm already thinking of all the amazing food to eat..mmmmm)

Anonymous said...

Said auntie says ...
I am so totally delighted to see you and chat with you and just spend time with you ...
Happinesses ... uh huh :)