Monday, June 14, 2010

We did not think this through ahead of time.

Auntie Lois has been teaching me to drive so I can take a road test in Terrace where, if I make a mistake, I will not automatically kill a cyclist (I am looking at you, Victoria).  There's this hilarious blind corner going up a hill where there's one of those mirrors up on a post like they have in grocery stores so they can see you stealing things, and that's how you're supposed to see around this corner and I shriek every time and Lois never does.  She has nerves of steel.

ANYway, this evening Joel had to get to the hospital but I had to learn to park so we drove him to work and then jaunted off to the Walmart so I could pull in and out of stalls, and then we trundled off home to where Lois' car was parked before realizing that we had to get the car back to the hospital so Joel could get home.


Fortunately, this is Terrace and even though the hospital is across town and some ways out, it was only a 20 minute walk in the late June sunshine to get from there back to my house and Lois' car.

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