Friday, June 25, 2010


I never thought I'd say this, but I'm dying to get home and start feeding myself again.  Our landlords are lovely, and having food prepared for me has been ridiculous and awesome, but I am meated out.  I haven't been hungry in maybe two weeks.  Proteins loom large in every meal, and Tina usually fills our plates, so that just four hours after an enormous omelette I'm choking down a hearty bowl of stew and a cheese-and-mayonnaise-bagel, followed some five hours later by more buffalo steaks.  With potatoes.  And corn.

And the food is excellent, but it's farm-people food.  Energy-heavy food.  Real food.  I am not built for real food, I am built for 21st-century-computer-rat food.  I want popcorn for lunch.  I want cereal at odd hours.  I want to eat an entire package of After Eight Straws (jusssssst did.  They were on for $1.37 at the Liquidation World and they were spot-hitting.  My equilibrium has been restored...for now).

This is why we have variety, n'est pas?  I appreciated the hell out of having someone else cook, and now I will appreciate the hell out of choosing my own meals and portion sizes and eating times.  Vive le change!

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